First Renovation – the dining room

This is the post excerpt.


Hey everyone! We bought our house in February of 2016 knowing we were going to make some renovations. Considering we are both teachers, these renovations are happening room by room and when we can make time for them. Our friend Wendy, who also happened to be our realtor, showed us this house. One showing and I was sold! I could see our kids growing up here and bringing their friends over. My husband, on the other hand, had other thoughts about what he saw. It was pretty much an immediate “no” from him.

I saw the potential. I think he just saw all of the work that needed to be done. Lol. I shared my ideas, we walked through the house again, and he saw the potential too.

I want to share some of the beautiful renovations that we’ve worked so hard on. Moving away from Seminole Heights, a sweet neighborhood full of historic bungalows and trendy restaurants, I can’t help but love the craftsman style woodwork and the farmhouse look. I love seeing pictures of renovated houses to get ideas on how I want to make my house a beautiful home, so I thought I’d share ours with you, dear readers.

The first room we tackled was the dining room. Here is the before:

Don’t you love that 80’s chandelier? It got us $3 in a yard sale!

Our first change was the new light fixture. Then we went with ceramic tile floors that look like hardwood. You can see I was working on a color choice too:

Next we added what looks like wainscoting. We installed taller baseboards, framed out the panels, and added a chair rail.

Then added a few decorations!

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The Foyer Remodel

One of the first things I wanted to go was the faux oak wood baseboards that were everywhere downstairs. Well, that and the tile floors! Here’s a before of our front entrance:

And another pic facing the other way:

We removed the baseboards and replaced the tile with porcelain tile:

Added new baseboards and painted the wood door:

I’d love to replace the front doors eventually too.

Here’s some side by side before and after pics:

And that’s it!

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The girls’ room

When we first moved in, my daughter’s bedroom had a white wood slat ceiling, mossy green walls, and an ecru chair rail and scalloped molding:

I’m not sure the look they were going for, beachy? Any ways, we took down the wooden slats and trim:

Of course there’s a popcorn ceiling under the slats! Which we’ll eventually remove. I let my daughter choose the color. I think she did a pretty good job!

We added a cute little desk. I’ve been hunting for a chair!

Some wall decorations…

And the Dumbledore quote:

Eventually we’ll change out the carpet upstairs too. Eventually…

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The boy’s room

I knew I wanted to put some sort of shelving system in my son’s room so that his closet wasn’t so stuffed full of toys. So here’s our boy bedroom project before pics:

Here is the wall I want to add shelves to:

There was a long peg rack that we removed and had to fix the wall. We painted and added the shelves:

I decided on a black tracking system and stained wood shelves. (The stain matches the fireplace and shelves in the kitchen! See other posts). Since he was a baby, we’ve always had my son’s room as a Beatles theme:

And a pillow I made for the bed!

And the shelves. And we’re working on what exactly goes on the shelves. We’ll get there!

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New diy kitchen shelves

We had a blank space in our kitchen that I’ve been wanting to hang shelves in for forever.

I wanted to stain them the same as our fireplace (see living room post), so we got to work on that:

I love the farmhouse look, so I decided to rough up some corbels:

I added some stain around the edges first.

Then added some vaseline on top of the stain and painted the entire piece white. Once it was dry, it was easy to sand off bits of the white paint!

Then my sweet husband hung up the shelves.

And added some decorations. I’m still working on what I actually want up there, but I love the new shelves!!

And that’s it! Have questions about the details? Leave a question or comment!

Remodeling the kitchen

We could not wait to renovate our kitchen! If we ever started to miss the 80s we just walked into the kitchen.

See what I mean??

We started with the floors:

I still could not wait for new cabinets and countertops! We started by tearing out the existing cabinets.

My husband did most of this. That was a lot of work! We decided to keep the same layout for the new kitchen. I chose shaker style cabinets. Here are the installed cabinets without countertops:

I love that wrapped refrigerator. It just looks so finished.

I love that the trash can is in the island! Then the countertops were installed. We chose a marble. ❤️❤️

Now to get rid of that green! We added subway tile and a range hood.

Kids bathroom before and after

Basically every room in our house needed updating when we moved in. The kids bathroom was definitely one of them!

The blue trim is just painters tape, it’s not THAT bad right?! 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️

We decided we will just start with painting. So we went with a blue for the top half and white for the beadboard.

Is still love to put new flooring and paint the cabinets. For now, I think it’s a pretty good improvement!

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Remodeling the stairs

The stairs were something. They were covered in old carpet. The running boards were sponge painted to look like a faux marble maybe? Hello 80’s! Here’s the before:

We got the carpet ripped off (ew) and all of the staples and nails removed. See that half wall on the left?

Not anymore!

My husband built the newel post and wrapped the frame. He also sanded the stairs. He worked so hard and man what a mess, dust everywhere! We painted the running boards, frame, and newel post. Here you can see we started painting the front of the bottom stairs white.

Then added the railing and painted the top of the stairs a super dark brown paint to match our tile floors.

We thought maybe we’d be done but then:

We added the wainscoting:

I’m in love!!

Have questions about the details? Ask and leave a comment!